A Message From Jamie Leach - Head of School

Welcome to Covenant Life School. Originally founded as a small church school in 1979, Covenant Life has since grown into a respected independent Christian college preparatory academy. Over these past 40 years, we’ve built a school established on the truth of Scripture. This foundation grounds us, and a godly ambition drives us in developing a relevant 21st century Christian education. Our high school started in 1995, with 1998 seeing our first graduating class of 13 students. Since those pioneer years, Covenant Life has blossomed into a well-rounded school where students pursue advanced studies in diverse disciplines. Our graduates are well prepared for admission into some of the best colleges and universities in the country, with many receiving impressive scholarships.

Students find themselves encouraged and challenged to stretch in areas outside of their natural gifting and are given plenty of opportunities to flourish in their strengths. Throughout the day, students move through our spacious facility between regular classrooms, science labs, our gyms, the art studio, band room and computer lab. After school finds the halls still crowded with students involved in extracurricular activities and sports. All of this in the context of a caring, spiritually focused community shared by students, teachers and parents.

We sincerely hope you will envision the opportunities awaiting you as you learn about Covenant Life School.

In Christ,

Jamie Leach, Head of School

Our mission is to educate students who will think biblically and live passionately for Christ.

Our mission statement describes the education that will prepare our students for the call of God on their lives (2 Timothy 2:20-22) by shaping thinking, building a biblical worldview, and imparting values for a lifetime.

Our vision is to see our graduates engaging their world with lives forged by God’s Word.

Our vision statement paints a vivid picture of our desired outcome as a school, one which inspires and energizes our community. It is what we aspire our students to be like if we serve them effectively.


Our core values flow out of our philosophy of education and express what the Covenant Life School community believes.  The following values guide our practices in fulfilling our mission:  

  • Love for God – We pursue a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ
  • Devotion to Truth – We pursue, promote, and defend biblical truth in all subjects
  • Love for Learning – We cultivate habits of the mind that will help pursue a life of learning
  • Commitment to a Biblical Worldview – We engage the world with biblical discernment
  • Partnership with Families – We work closely with parents in the task of educating and training their students

Click here to read the following important CLS documents:

  • Statement of Faith
  • Christian Philosophy of Education
  • Family Life Values Statement

Covenant Life families appreciate the continuous school improvement in programs, curriculum enhancement and teacher professional development as it maintains compliance to accreditation standards and reports annually to both of our accrediting commissions, the Association of Christian Schools International and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Covenant Life School provides services to students with varying identified learning differences who would benefit from specialized assistance. Our resource program helps evaluate prospective students to assess the needs and abilities of incoming students at all school levels, and determines the accommodations CLS can provide for students after reviewing all applicable paperwork including reports, previous 504 or IEP plans, or any additional applicable materials. We create and implement a Student Service Plan.

The Student Learning Service Program offers support based on the needs of the student, and may include strategies in cooperation with the classroom teachers such as extended time, modification to instructional material, and preferential seating. Additionally students may benefit from services in the resource room such as a quiet space for taking tests, organizational support, and training in test taking strategies.

Communication is a priority in our Resource Department. We communicate regularly with administration, faculty, and parents regarding students’ status and progress.

Typically 75% of our graduates have earned college credit by passing one or more AP exams. CLS offers Advanced Placement courses in Art, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, English Literature, Psychology, Statistics and US History. The percent of graduating seniors that have taken at least one AP course is 74%, with 59% taking 2 or more, 34% taking 3 or more, and 20% taking 4 or more AP courses.

CLS graduates do well at earning academic scholarships. Our last 5 graduating classes, with 107 graduates, have been offered over $8 Million in scholarships. The class of 2020, with 18 graduates, was offered $1,175,680 in scholarships.

Approximately 80% of our graduates go to a 4-year university, and most of the remaining graduates take advantage of honors and scholarship programs at Montgomery College before transferring to the 4-year school of their choice. Some go directly into military service, police academies, mission work or a vocation.


Parents want to know that their children are safe at school. Locked doors, video surveillance and security personnel protect the entrance to the school.

Annual inspections by the Fire Marshal and the Montgomery County Health Department include verification of our Emergency Response Procedures.

Regular drills prepare teachers and students how to respond appropriately to potential emergencies such as a tornado warning, general and emergency lock downs and fire. Input and training from Montgomery County Police School Resource Officers have shaped our plans for responding to a potential or active threat. The faculty and staff participate in annual training with Child Protective Services on recognizing signs of child abuse/neglect and reporting procedures.

Middle and high school students receive training on their role in keeping Covenant Life School a safe place and how to report concerns to our Threat Assessment Team.

We scan the government issued ID of all vendors, contractors and visitors into the Raptor Security System before allowing entry to the school. The Raptor system searches the sex offender directories of all 50 states and our custom database of individuals with custody orders or who are prohibited from visiting school grounds. Vendors and contractors are escorted by administrative or facilities personnel when in the building.

Student safety is a consistent topic of discussion among faculty and staff.

Many people who identify with the mission of Covenant Life School and are attracted to its close-knit community are interested in working at the school.

If you are interested in working at Covenant Life School, see our Employment Opportunities page.


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