our mission and vision

Our mission is to educate students who will think biblically and live passionately for Christ.

Our mission statement describes the education that will prepare our students for the call of God on their lives (2 Timothy 2:20-22) by shaping thinking, building a biblical worldview, and imparting values for a lifetime.

Our vision is seeing our graduates engaging their world with lives forged by God's Word.

Our vision statement paints a vivid picture of our desired outcome as a school, one which inspires and energizes our community.  It is what our students will be like if we serve them effectively.  

core values

Our core values flow out of our philosophy of education and express what the Covenant Life School community believes.  The following values guide our practices in fulfilling our mission:  

  • Love for God - We pursue a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ
  • Devotion to Truth - We pursue, promote, and defend biblical truth in all subjects
  • Love for Learning - We cultivate habits of the mind that will help pursue a life of learning
  • Commitment to a Biblical Worldview - We engage the world of ideas with biblical discernment
  • Partnership with Families - We work closely with parents in the task of educating and training their students

Click here to read the following important CLS documents:

  • Statement of Faith
  • Christian Philosophy of Education
  • Family Life Values Statement

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a parent's experience


"Our five children attended and it has been a great experience! The youngest just graduated from Covenant Life School. Our kids received individualized care (both academic and spiritual) from teachers and administration alike - oversight and counsel were excellent. Friendships among the students are sweet and genuine. I'm eager to see my grandchildren there too. One is already attending! Our kids easily obtained scholarships because of the quality of the education they received at the school."       Former Covenant Life Parent

    Our administrators

    Serving in Christian school education for more than 65 years!

    • Jamie leach, head of school

      Jamie has been involved in teaching and administration since 1986, and earned his Masters in Education from Temple University in 1993. Jamie formerly was a teacher and spiritual life leader at Delaware County Christian School outside of Philadelphia, PA for 18 years, served as a youth pastor for 2 years, and has been Head of School at Covenant Life since 2008. He additionally serves as the Secondary Principal.

    • robert schickler, assistant head

      Bob has been involved in Christian school teaching and administration since 1982, and earned his Masters in Education from Regent University in 1988. Bob came to Covenant Life School in 1985 from leading a small Christian school in Western Pennsylvania, and served as the Head of School until 2001. As Assistant Head, he is the director of operations, finances, and strategic planning, and serves as the Elementary Principal.