Student Health and Safety



Parents want to know that their children are safe at school. We pursue student safety at all levels including the below precautions:

  • Locked doors, video surveillance and security personnel protect the entrance to the school.
  • Annual inspections by the Fire Marshal and the Montgomery County Health Department include verification of our Emergency Response Procedures.
  • Regular drills prepare teachers and students how to respond appropriately to potential emergencies include lock downs, evacuations, and fire drills. Input and training from Montgomery County Police School Resource Officers have shaped our plans for responding to a potential or active threat.
  • The faculty and staff participate in annual training with Child Protective Services on recognizing signs of child abuse/neglect and reporting procedures.
  • We scan the government issued ID of all vendors, contractors and visitors into the Raptor Security System before allowing entry to the school. The Raptor system searches the sex offender directories of all 50 states and our custom database of individuals with custody orders or who are prohibited from visiting school grounds. Vendors and contractors are escorted by administrative or facilities personnel when in the building.
  • Student safety is a consistent topic of discussion among faculty and staff.


  • Please email the school at clsdesk@clsemail.org prior to the beginning of the school day if your student will be absent due to illness; late or leaving early due to an appointment or travel plans.
  • Students will ONLY be considered excused for absence or tardy due to Student illness, doctor’s appointment or pre-arranged circumstances with the school administration.
    • Any and all prearrangements must be requested by parents no less than 2 weeks prior to the dates in question.  The school reserves the right to review and approve or disapprove such absence requests.
  • If you have urgent questions related to health concerns for your CLS Student, email clsdesk@clsemail.orgcall the school at 301-869-4550, or access the Nurse’s direct contact information through the CLS App. 


Please be advised of the most recent CDC Guidelines regarding COVID Safety

    • CDC Guidelines (Updated May 2023)
    • Parents, please notify the nurse and all close contacts of your child when that child is positive for Covid. 
    • If you have any questions please email clsdesk@clsemail.org, call the school at 301-869-4500, or access the Nurse’s direct contact information through the CLS App. 


New CLS Students, or those entering Preschool, Kindergarten, and 7th grade are required to submit updated immunization records to the Nurse’s Office. 

If your child has medication prescribed for any of the following reasons, please refer to the instructions below. 

All documents and medication(s) need to be on file in the nurse’s office prior to the beginning of the school year. 

1. See below for requirements for Asthma, Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), or a Seizure Disorder Requiring Medication:

2. Requirements an RX for EpiPen:

3. Requirements for any Medical Diagnosis, or Learning Differences (ADHD, GAD, ODD, Depression, Anxiety, Tics, etc) Requiring Medication

If you have any questions, please email clsdesk@clsemail.org, call the school at 301-869-4500, or access the Nurse’s direct contact information through the CLS App.


Students may leave early due to illness or prearrangement with the school office and administration.  

    • Notes should be sent to the school office via student or by email or call prior to early dismissal time  
    • Students may not text or directly call home to leave due to illness.
    • All early dismissals are to be processed through the School Office or School Nurse


  • We do not require students to wear masks, but we will be helpful, supportive, and welcome any teachers or students who wish to wear masks.
  • The administration encourages everyone to consider vaccinations for COVID-19, but we do not require COVID-19 vaccinations to attend CLS.
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