Home school to Day school

Covenant Life School has enrolled students directly from home school for about three decades. We have learned how to help parents and students make the transition, and perhaps more importantly, how to help families plan ahead to avoid many of the common challenges.

We recorded this 20 minute webinar a few years back, and its points remain relevant today. The webinar will help home school families understand and prepare for the typical issues that students and parents face with the transition from home schooling to attending a day school. It will also highlight the many benefits that can be anticipated with the change, and give a checklist of how families can begin planning now for an immediate transition or for a change in a year or two.

If you have any questions after viewing the webinar, please contact Bob Schickler or our admissions director, Deanna Korzeniewski.

If you find this webinar helpful or if you know a home schooling family that may benefit from this presentation, please let folks know that this resource is available.


We thought these notes from others who made the transition would encourage you:

Exactly What She Needed

"Our homeschooled daughter was craving exactly what CLS offers. She needed an "every day" social structure with healthy friends and Christian coaches/mentors. Because she is extremely extroverted and bright, she was becoming scattered and depressed even though we were involved in programs several days a week. She now has focus in her studies, enjoys learning (and doing homework!), and loves her school. It is wonderful to see her happy and laughing every day, and to know that she is in an environment with folks who share our faith and dedication to our Lord in her life." CLS Parent

A Great Transition from Home School

"We have been so impressed with the individual care one of our sons has received at the school. With transitioning from homeschooling and being diagnosed with a learning disability we were worried our son would be discouraged. On the contrary, he is loving school and looks forward to all the help he is getting." CLS Parent

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