New Families:

The link below will take you to our Online Application.  You will be directed to create a parent account and then you can begin completing the application.  In addition to thorough instructions, you will have access to all required additional paperwork to complete the application process.

After you submit your application, our Admissions Director, Deanna Korzeniewski will contact you to help guide you through the process.

Current Families:

Re-enrollment is automatic for families who remain members in good standing of their local church and who keep their financial account with the school current.

Entrance Age for Kindergarten

Human development research indicates that there are universal, predictable sequences of growth in all domains of development -- physical, emotional, social and cognitive.  We work hard to ensure that each child entering our school will be able to participate fully in the program and experience success throughout their academic career. Therefore we provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum for our K-2nd Grade students based on these sequences of growth, with the Kindergarten class of children at least five (5) years of age and a 1st Grade class of children at least six (6) years of age before the first day of school.

Many parents of children with fall birthdays believe their children will "get ahead" by starting school early rather than waiting another year.  Our experience has confirmed that young children in a learning environment beyond what they are developmentally ready for are actually in over their heads, and end up being behind their classmates rather than getting ahead

Therefore, we admit children who will be five (5) years of age before September 1st to enroll in Kindergarten.

  • A $125 non-refundable application fee is required in order to submit the application and enter the candidate pool. Additional paperwork, such as teacher recommendations and grade reports, must be submitted with your Registration Fee before the application can be fully processed.