For many, including our alumni, the current COVID-19 crisis will have devastating financial side-effects unless we find ways to help these small businesses. In an effort to support and highlight our alumni, we commend the below businesses which our alumni are vested.

If you are a CLS alum and would like your business listed here, please contact Jessica Marcantonio.

Alumni from our original graduating classes gathered this fall!
Welcome! When students leave Covenant Life, they are well prepared to engage their world with lives forged by God’s word. We have no doubt that our alumni are making a difference in the world! As alumni of Covenant Life, you are part of a global network bound together by our shared connection. Regardless of where you live, all graduates have the opportunity to continue being active members of the Covenant Life Community. Be sure to utilize these pages as a resource to update your employment and contact information, participate with the school, share personal updates and hear about upcoming reunions. Join/Update Alumni Mailing List

CLS Alumni Feature


A doctor of pediatric hematology and oncology, Luke is currently working at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Prior to his work in Cincinnati, Luke spent three years working with the Weill Cornell Medical College in Tanzania researching the prevalence of sickle cell disease in northwest Tanzania and investigating the use of hydroxyurea for primary stroke prevention in sickle cell disease. At Covenant Life, Luke played basketball and soccer and served on the Soli Deo Gloria yearbook staff. “CLS provoked me to work hard, adapt, and overcome challenges, all essential skills that helped me when I was practicing medicine in a country with many fewer resources than the USA.”

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We begin class reunions around your 10-year graduation anniversary, then roughly every 5 years thereafter. Because of the closeness and size of our CLS classes, we combine adjacent classes for larger reunions.  In other words, we do reunions by twos! This means your reunions might be a few months off the mark from the year you graduated, but they will be shared with either the juniors who graduated one year after you, or the seniors who graduated one year ahead of you (alternating).  We know you’ll enjoy this chance to see more than just your own year’s classmates.  

The next reunion will be held in the Summer / Fall of 2021 for the following classes:

Classes of 2001 & 2002: Combined 20-Year Reunion

Classes of 2006 & 2007: Combined 15-Year Reunion

Classes of 2011 & 2012: Combined 10-Year Reunion

Who is invited: All graduates and their guests. Did you graduate somewhere else, but traveled through many years attending classes at CLS with one of these grades? You’re invited too!

If you would like to be a class representative and help us connect with your classmates in organizing a reunion, please contact Alumni Relations Director, Jessica Marcantonio.

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