Black History Month Celebration

Black History Month Celebration

BHM Student Committee Members—Logan Matthews, Claire Griffin, Kayla Bello, Chris Moore, Warner Jones (not pictured), and History Dept. Head John Bronson, will help us appreciate and celebrate Black Heritage this month. Our Elementary students will learn about the many facets of Black Heritage with fun activities according to their grade level.

During Reading Buddies, among the many reading, a 1st grader read to a 5th grader about the life of Martin Luther King Jr. What an extraordinary life Dr. King led! What a servant for Christ! Diversity in God’s kingdom is one of His gifts to us and we’re blessed to celebrate it specifically throughout Black History Month.
Warner Jones facilitated our High School Chapel today, introducing the topic of What It Means to be Black in America.

Look for updates on the activities on our social media feeds!

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