A Tribute to CLS Frontliners

A Tribute to CLS Frontliners

Many in the CLS community serve as frontliners in our hospitals, research facilities, grocery stores, health care, public safety, and more. Below are many in the CLS community who serve as front-line warriors, and we salute their courageous service. Please keep them in your prayers.

CLS Parents:

  • Judite Desruisseaux Cesar (HS Parent) is a nurse attending to patients with COVID
  • Amalia Mclaren Phillips (ES Parent) works at Costco in Gaithersburg
  • Dr. Jennifer Chen (ES Parent) is a doctor in the US Army
  • Jenn Aguirre (Pre-K Parent) is an RN at an ambulatory surgery center
  • Jessica Marquez (ES Parent) is a Medical Assistant at Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Danielle Johnson (ES/MS Parent, and CLS Class of ’00) is working at a facility where many people, including nurses and patients have contracted COVID
  • Berhane Esayas (HS Parent) is a nurse at Shady Grove Hospital
  • John Polk (HS Parent) is a MC Park Police Officer
  • Douglas Holmes (ES Parent) is a Navy Chaplain at Walter Reed
  • Dr. Nelson Niu (MS/HS Parent) is a Pediatrician
  • Dr. Leonard Kassis (HS Parent) is a staff physician at Germantown Primary Care Associates
  • Dr. Alex Eitel (ES/MS Parent) is an Anesthesiologist 
  • Dr. Rob O’Connell (HS Parent) teaches policy and health care administration at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
  • Dr. Alden Weg (HS Parent) is a researcher with the health care administration at Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences 

CLS Family Members:

  • Pamela Bronson (wife of teacher Mr. John Bronson) is a nurse at Shady Grove
  • Cindy Leach (wife of Mr. Jamie Leach) is a nurse at Shady Grove NICU
  • Stephanie Palmer (daughter of teacher Janet Palmer) works at a nursing facility with mostly elderly patients 
  • Charity Bronson (daughter of John Bronson and CLS Class of ’14) is a nurse at John Hopkins Hospital PICU
  • Amanda Rashford (daughter of teacher Ava Rashford) is a nurse at Children’s Hospital
  • Jenna Fourney (daughter of Lorraine Fourney) is working with COVID patients
  • Karl Schickler (son of Bob Schickler and CLS Class of ’98) is a Sergeant DC Firefighter 
  • Ben Evers (brother of Jessica Marcantonio) is a Lieutenant DC Firefighter
  • Kristin Marcantonio (sister-in-law of teacher Kris Marcantonio) is a nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Bob Gunsallus (husband of girls’ soccer coach Meghan Gunsallus) works at Safeway 
  • Susi and Tim LeBlanc (Sara Rohr’s sister and brother-in-law) are EMTs and Firefighters in Colorado
  • Kristen Peer (wife to teacher Evan Peer) is an officer with MCPD

CLS Alumni:

  • Dr. Luke Smart (’99) is a doctor in Cincinnati, OH
  • Terri (Marshal) Cook (’01) is a nurse 
  • Liz Leach (’06) – nurse (daughter of Jamie and Cindy Leach)
  • Deanna Bissell (’08) is a nurse in a hospital in Philadelphia, PA
  • Anne Goodling (’08) is working at NIH toward a COVID vaccine 
  • Devin Petronic (’10) – Medical surgical nurse in the Navy
  • Shannon (Cates) Behnke (’00) is a nurse at Medstar Montgomery Medical Center
  • Caitlyn (Woodrow) Marriage (’03)  – is a nurse in Washington state 
  • Rose (Wyzga) Simpson (’03) is a nurse at Walter Reed  
  • Kristine (Simpson) Kauflin – nurse at NIH (Scott and Kathy Simpson’s daughter)
  • Jennifer (DeCarlo) Martinez – nurse in Virginia (Nick and Becky’s daughter)

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