The community at Covenant Life School is characterized by acceptance, care and personal relationships. We celebrate the rich diversity of cultures among our families throughout the year. Most importantly, we seek to encourage, pray for and help each other. New families are welcomed at a special reception before school starts and new middle and high school students are assigned a student mentor to help them adjust quickly to their new school.

Parents find many avenues for meaningful involvement at Covenant Life School.

All are welcome to join our Tuesday morning prayer team. Many parents participate in one of our PIT Crews , coach one of our sports teams, serve on our Parent Action Committee, or help with various school events such as the Multicultural Fair.

We use Parent Alert to announce any delayed opening, early closing or school cancellation because of inclement weather. We follow MCPS for school cancellations, late openings, and early closings due to inclement weather.


  • Please be sure all of your phone numbers and email addresses are up to date in ParentsWeb so you receive critical information in a timely way.
  • If school is cancelled for inclement weather,  students will NOT be attending class virtually. 
  • We will notify families no later than 6:00am in the event of a same day cancellation. 


  • For a two-hour delay, Kindergarten through 12th grade classes begin at 10:00am.
  • Preschool classes are cancelled with a two-hour delay.
  • If there is a two-hour delay on a scheduled half day, school will be cancelled.
  • If there are weather delays during a secondary exam week, please watch for announcements about the secondary exam schedule.

EARLY CLOSINGS: CLS will stop teaching classes at the time of school closing. Parents should pick up their carpools at that time. CLS will supervise all students until their rides arrive.

The picture below shows the building from overhead, with Muncaster Mill Road at the top.

  • Morning Dropoff should be in the Drop Zone (2A) in the lower parking lot. As you come in the circle off of Muncaster Mill Rd, stay in the left lane of the circle and turn left to go down to the Drop Zone, where the 2A is on the map below. Middle and high school students can also be dropped in the Drop Zone to walk up to their appropriate entrances.
  • Afternoon Pick-up, turn right out of the circle, go to the last lane in the parking lot (3F on map), and go all the way to the soccer field (3B) before turning up the center lane to get in line. With the number of cars in the elementary queue this year, we need cars to be in a straight line all the way down the center lane. (In other words, go down toward 3B on the map well beyond the end of the line already formed before turning to get in line. If you turn too early your car will be angled across parking spaces, the next car will pull behind you, and the line will back up all the way to the circle and cause problems.
  • Please have your car pool number clipped to your sun visor or hold it up when you pull into the queue and when you pull into the loop. We can’t see numbers that lay flat on your dash. If we can see your number from a distance, we can keep things moving more quickly.
  • Keep moving forward as directed in the loop. Do not get out of your car to help your child. A teacher will help your child get in the car. If you need to help them with their seat belt, pull forward beyond the lobby doors to get out and help your child.
  • If you are also picking up middle or high school students, after you pull out of the loop you should turn right and go to the Drop Zone to pick up your 6-12th grade children.


  • The Parent Alert System allows us to quickly send alerts for school emergencies as a text message, voice message, and email message.
  • The phone numbers and email addresses for Parent Alert are pulled from the ParentsWeb database.
  • Parents are responsible to make sure the contact information in ParentsWeb is current.


  • We will alert parents as soon as we can if there is an emergency situation.
  • Emergency information will be communicated through Parent Alert, meaning by phone message, text or email.
  • Information will NOT be posted on school social media sites or on the school website.
  • The school will have designated personnel to communicate with families.
  • Updates will be communicated as information is available.
  • You will be notified when the situation has been resolved or if there was a false alarm.
  • Specific instructions for picking up students will be communicated. Note that this may involve a time or place that differs from usual procedures.
  • DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL – If the school is dealing with a crisis, we will not be able to answer individual phone calls. Please allow the lines to remain open for essential communication.
  • DO NOT SHARE INFORMATION ON SOCIAL MEDIA SITES – We do not need or want incomplete or inaccurate information on social media sites that will cause fear, panic, speculation or bring media to the school.
  • DO NOT COME TO THE SCHOOL UNTIL NOTIFIED TO DO SO – If there is a true emergency, first responders must have unhindered access to the facility.

Click Here for important updated information related to student health and safety:

  • CLS Stay At Home Decision Tree
  • Health Screening Survey
  • Absences and Home Learning During COVID-19
  • Travel Advisory
  • Leaving School Early


Click Here for up to date information about things like Exam Schedules, and for a description of helpful Parent Guides available to CLS families.

Click on the links below for information for new families.

All Maryland public and nonpublic schools are required to sample all drinking water outlets for the presence of lead pursuant to the Code of Maryland Regulations. On February 10, 11, 17, and March 3, 2023 twenty-two (22) lead water samples were collected from Covenant Life School. Of these lead water samples, 1 had levels of lead exceeding the State’s revised action level of 5 parts per billion (ppb) (formerly 20 ppb; 5 ppb effective June 1, 2021) for lead in drinking water in school buildings.

Please note that this outlet has been off this entire school year. Students have not consumed water from this outlet. This outlet was completely removed immediately upon notification of elevated results. 

Since elevated levels of lead were found in a water source in the facility, CLS is required to post the Important Notice: Elevated Lead Water Sample Results on the school website.

To read the full Notice, click here.

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