Parent Resources from our Student Advocate

AXIS Parent Guides address current issues that parents face with teens and children in the current culture. They provide in-depth descriptions and definitions that help us understand the issues and why it is important that they should receive proper attention. Practical and biblically guided advice, discussion questions and links to additional resources are included in each Parent Guide. 

While we generally view these resources as being helpful to Christian parents and worthy of consideration, some of the views expressed may not represent an official position of Covenant Life School, its school board, administrators or teachers. Please feel free to follow up with an administrator if you have any questions.

Information can be very helpful, but sometimes we need to talk. If you are dealing with any of the issues addressed in these Parent Guides and would like additional help, please contact Kim Shurie or one of the administrators.

We have purchased rights to provide these valuable resources to our Covenant Life School families.  The AXIS Parenting Guides Portal is password protected.

Please contact our Student Advocate Kim Shurie to receive a password to the AXIS Parent Guide Portal.

To request access to set up your RightNow Media account, contact our Student Advocate Kim Shurie.

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