We have a plan for Covenant Life School to provide students with a continuity of learning throughout the 2020-2021 school year even if modes of instruction may change.

Research shows that for the overwhelming majority of students, classroom instruction with face-to-face time with good teachers is the most effective means of teaching and learning. However, we are planning as though the pandemic will continue to impact the ability for schools to have a normal school year throughout the 2020-2021 school year. There may be times when school buildings will be temporarily closed, open with safety restrictions, or fully open as before the pandemic.

Covenant Life School has developed a Continuity of Learning Plan to accommodate changing requirements throughout the school year in response to an ongoing or reemerging health crisis. Throughout this plan, Covenant Life School’s objective is to provide continuity of learning without major disruption, even as modes of instruction may change throughout the school year.


The COVID-19 crisis forced all schools to implement emergency plans to provide distance learning for the final months of the 2019-2020 school year with a range of effectiveness and success. Covenant Life School pivoted quickly to distance learning without missing a single day of instruction, while the local public schools took almost 3 weeks to resume instruction, significantly reduced curriculum, suspended standardized testing and modified the grading scale.

CLS teachers adapted quickly to fulfill our commitment to provide a full year of academic instruction, and made improvements to ease the burden on parents suddenly forced into a new level of involvement in their children’s education as the weeks of distance learning continued. Our adaptations allowed teachers to properly assess student learning so that final grades were given without resorting to a modified or pass/fail grading system, and we finished the year with standardized tests.

The feedback we received from parents on the Distance Learning Survey conducted at the end of the year was very encouraging and positive.

  • 98.5% said the expectations of parents supporting instruction at home were clear and reasonable.
  • 71% said the distance learning experience was better than they would have thought.
  • 53% said the education their children received during distance learning was about the same as when school was in full session.

Covenant Life School rose to the challenge imposed on all schools, demonstrating our ability to quickly and creatively adapt to a rapidly changing educational landscape, and we are making improvements across the board based on the helpful and candid feedback from parents.


Our Continuity of Learning Plan includes the following modes of instruction, with the ability to pivot from one mode to another seamlessly as necessary:

A)  Regular school with full classrooms, full schedules and all planned activities. This is what our school community is praying for!

B)  In-school instruction with accommodations to meet safety restrictions such as distancing of students, classroom modifications or the opening of additional classrooms to meet class size limits, alternating schedules and restructured activities as directed by governing and health agencies.

C)  Remote learning at home, either partially or fully, involving online instruction by teachers with parent supported learning.

Our Continuity of Learning Plan also includes appropriate and adaptable means to regularly and effectively monitor student learning activities and assess student performance.

In addition to school-wide changes, we anticipate that some students and teachers may need to quarantine for a period of time. Our plan includes accommodations that will be implemented to insure continuity of learning in these cases.

Parents have always been essential partners with Covenant Life School in the education of their children. Different modes of instruction require different kinds and levels of parental involvement for successful learning and achievement. Parents will be provided clear guidance regarding their roles for all scenarios to help them effectively partner with us so their students can achieve at the highest level.

We are committed to fulfilling our mission, and building on the remarkable success of our history, we trust the Lord is working to establish Covenant Life School as a leader among schools in the future.

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