NASCAR is one of the most followed sports in our culture. Success comes from committed, visionary ownership, a well-designed and well-built race car, a talented and experienced driver who knows how to get the very most out of the car, and a good PIT CREW.

Everyone from top to bottom is part of the TEAM, focused on the goal and ready to do their part. The unsung heroes are in the PIT CREW, those people with specific skills and experience who, in terms of time spent, are mostly just watching the race closely, but when they are needed, they are right there and ready to act quickly and decisively to solve a problem or help the driver gain an advantage. Time in the PIT is limited, but oh so critical to the success of the TEAM.

We want the culture of Covenant Life School to embody strong parent involvement, and to make it easy for parents to have maximum impact with great efficiency. To that end we have CLS PIT CREWS!

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The Cultural Awareness PIT Crew identifies and plans creative ways to learn about, celebrate and enjoy the richness of our diverse school community with families from more than 25 countries, including events like the International Reception and Multicultural Fairs.


The Community Engagement PIT Crew strengthens relationships within the school community and helps CLS do outreach into the local community. One key event is the annual Servathon, during which the entire school is involved in doing more that 1,000 acts of service in one day.


The Spiritual Life PIT Crew encourages and facilitates spiritual growth among the students and helps provide an encouraging and nurturing spiritual environment in the school. This crew has hosted weekly parent prayer meetings, special prayer events, Bible studies for older students, and Prayer Boxes in elementary classrooms fo sharing prayer requests among the families.


The Vocation PIT Crew complements our Guidance Program and helps high school students consider career opportunities and move toward readiness to pursue a career and calling through Career Day and Professional Workshops. This crew helps provide ways for them to connect with mentoring and High School Internship opportunities.


The STEM at CLS PIT Crew identifies resources and opportunities to strengthen student interest in preparation for careers and service in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 


The School Safety PIT Crew anticipates and evaluates potential risks to student safely, and helps develop measures for the enhanced safety of all CLS students, including COVID-19 protocols and guidelines, building security, emergency response procedures, internet safety, student health policies, child abuse and neglect and transportation.


The Athletics Boosters PIT Crew support Cougar sports teams in a variety of ways, which helps build school unity and spirit.

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