Online Class Schedules

K-5th Grade:

  • Kindergarten: Tuesday & Thursday, 9:00 and 10:00, Half Class in Each Session.
  • 1st Grade: Monday & Friday, 10:00
  • 2nd Grade: Monday & Friday, 10:00
  • 3rd Grade: Wednesday, 10:30
  • 4th Grade: Tuesday & Thursday, 11:00
  • 5th Grade: Monday & Friday, 9:00 and Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, 10:00 with Designated Groups (Just for people who need extra help or asked for an additional meeting)

6th-12th Grade:

Online Resources for Students

  1. RightNow Media: The world’s largest library of on-demand Bible study videos for kids, teens, and adults
  2. Scholastic Learn at Home: Contains books that can be listened to/read online and includes comprehension activities
  3. Epic!: The largest and safest digital library for kids
  4. K-5 Computer Learning: Bee-Bot Emulator (Coding K-2), Bit Simulator (Coding 3-5), ToyTheater.com (Math and Critical Thinking)
  5. Museum Virtual Tours: 12 Famous Museums Offer Virtual Tours You Can Take on Your Couch
  6. Art: YouTube channel by Mr. Tommy Cleveland for CLS art lessons grades K-5

Drop Off / Pick Up

  • The school building is open Monday through Friday from 10:00-2:00 for parents to pick up and drop off student work materials. Use the school entrance to access classroom pick up and drop off locations by each classroom door or as directed by your classroom teacher.
  • During the Stay at Home directive, please note that driving to and from school to drop off and/or pick up school work is ALLOWED.
  • Parents should not put student materials in the white mailbox by the school entrance. This mailbox is for USPS incoming mail, carrier delivery of small packages, and admissions documents from new families.
  • Essential office personnel are in the school as needed with no regular office hours.
  • Should you have a problem with devices or Renweb or connecting with the school via email, please email Kathy Simpson.

Organization Tips

The transition from classroom instruction to online requires teamwork between teachers, students, and parents.   Our hope is that the below information will aid us effectively to that end.

1. Be Involved: Check email, Google Classroom, and attend all on-line classes.

2. Be Diligent: Homework will be assigned between 8 – 3 on the day a subject is taught. Please check your email at least two times per day.

3. Be Organized: Have a central place for assignments, books, and supplies.

4. Be Efficient: Students are expected to use the time remaining in the school day to complete assignments, watch supplemental videos, and study for tests / quizzes.

5. Be Focused: Assign a quiet place to attend instructional times and complete work. 

6. Be Purposeful: Keep a routine (ie, a reasonable bedtime, get outside,  exercise, eat healthy).

7. Be Self-Controlled: Limit screen time.

8. Be Prayerful: Pray and talk as a family as we navigate this new (and potentially stressful) way of learning. Often great discussions can take place, with eternal impacts!

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