Student Health and Safety

  • If you have urgent questions related to health concerns for your CLS Student, email or call our school nurse directly at 301-264-6558.
  • Please note that the Health Department has revised the testing requirements for schools. Individuals with Covid-19-like symptoms must get the PCR test and wait for a negative result in order to come back to school.
  • For a more detailed listing of our safety guidelines and response scenarios, see our CLS Plan for Safely Reopening School.
  • For additional details, provided by the Maryland Department of Health, see Response to COVID-19 in Schools.

Health Screening Survey

Please keep in mind that anyone entering the building needs to fill out our Health Survey. You can fill it out ahead of time to save time.

Absences and Home Learning During COVID-19

We expect a greater rate than usual of student absences this year due to the directives and guidelines under which Covenant Life School has opened for in-person instruction. The information below is to clarify and guide what parents can anticipate regarding school work and home learning when students miss school.

Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Elementary classrooms are not live-streamed. The lessons for students learning at home are asynchronous, or later than when they occur in the classroom by a few days up to a week. It is not possible for elementary students to seamlessly transition from the classroom to home learning for short periods of time. If families plan to be out of town, it is at the teacher’s discretion whether or not they can provide lessons for the student to work on while away.

Sick Child: If an elementary student is sick with a typical illness and will only be out a few days, the teacher will set aside their daily work and send it home when they return to school. If the student has a sibling in the elementary school, the work may be sent home with them on the days of absence. The student should rest to get well.

Quarantined Child: If an elementary student is quarantined as directed by the Health Department guidelines, the classroom teacher will determine the best way to continue their learning at home with support from Julie Barnett, our Home Learning Support Teacher.

Quarantined Class: If it occurs that the entire class has to quarantine, the classroom teacher will determine the best way to proceed with teaching the whole class at home.

6-12th Grade

Middle and High School classrooms are live-streamed. When a student is unable to attend school due to illness, but well enough to attend virtually, they can log on to their class by clicking the Google Meet link for each class within their Google Classroom. Unless a student is ill, quarantined, or enrolled full-time online, students are expected to attend classes in-person.  

Travel Advisory

The Maryland Department of Health strongly recommends that all Marylanders refrain from nonessential travel outside of Maryland due to the recent increase in COVID-19 infections in other states. Any Marylander who travels out of state should be tested and self-quaranine while awaiting the results, or self-quarantine for 10 days upon returning. This applies to all states, with the exception of Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, DC.

For up-to-date testing locations see the Montgomery county testing site.

Early Dismissal

Parents must notify the school in advance for students to be released during school hours for an appointment or other personal reasons. Send an email to clsdesk@clsemail.org or call 301-869-4500. The office will notify the teachers the time your student must be released from class. 

Elementary parents will come to the main school entrance and let the receptionist know by intercom they are here. The student will meet them at the door. 

Upper school students must stop by the upper school office in the morning to pick up their “pink pass” to be released from class. Before leaving the school, students must turn in their pass at the upper school office and sign out. Parents will meet upper school students at the main church lobby.

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