The elementary Honor Code shapes everything we do during the formative elementary years. We want our students to not only be fully equipped to move on to higher levels of learning but to also be encouraged and grow in their budding faith. All children progress through predictable stages of development in the same order, but not at the same rate, and thus the elementary program strives to accommodate individual differences in maturity and rate of development. Students are involved in activity-based learning, working through published material, using classroom technology, engaged in class and small group meetings, working with hands-on projects, and exercising some choice in learning activities. A variety of culminating activities enrich the student experience and involve parents in creative ways.

Our curriculum stresses reading and language development, math calculation and number sense, biblical truth and its application, an introduction to concepts in science and history, and hands-on experience with technology. We introduce and develop foundational skills that equip young students to grow cognitively, spiritually, socially and physically.

Physical education classes meet at one of our gymnasiums or fields each week. The Art Room, Library and Computer Lab are well equipped to offer rich experiences, and the General Music Room and Band Room for music instruction and rehearsals.

Our goal is to prepare students for more independent and rigorous work in middle school as well as equipping them to grow spiritually, socially and physically.

CORE CURRICULUM: Elementary classrooms are self-contained with a primary teacher for instruction in the core subjects: Bible, History, Math, Reading, Grammar/Spelling, and Science.

See our complete Elementary Course Catalog.

Elementary students are not only equipped to move on to higher levels of learning, but are also instructed and encouraged for growth in their budding faith.

Students participate in classroom devotions and prayer to allow them to experience the nearness of God. Our Bible curriculum teaches students about God’s attributes, nature and acts in Bible history. We point students toward Jesus Christ as our Savior. Students learn a Bible memory verse each week, and participate in weekly age-appropriate chapels.

The elementary Honor Code sets a high standard and shapes everything we do during the formative elementary years.

  • Love God (Mark 12:30)
  • Serve Others (Philippians 2:3-4)
  • Obey Authority (Hebrews 13:17)
  • Work Diligently (Colossians 3:23)

Elementary students may elect to participate in after school opportunities.

After School Choir – Students meet after school for additional instruction, practice and performances throughout the school year. 

● Band – Students who have an interest in instrumental music can join band in fourth and fifth grade.

Chess Classes – Students also enjoy participating in chess classes with our partners, Your Best Chess

Karate – Students love to be physically active in our after school karate class with our partners,  The Forge Dojo

Strings & Percussion – Beginning in 3rd grade our students can participate in our strings and percussion program

Students who are identified as those who would benefit from specialized interaction meet with our resource specialist as needed. Typically students meet once a week for support in executive functioning, building organization skills, or work specifically in math, reading, or comprehension. The insight gained from working with these students is communicated with the teachers to get a better view of how the student learns so we can more effectively reach them with our instruction. Additionally, we partner with outside contractors to provide specialized services.

Be sure to select the proper forms based on the application you are submitting. Forms can be sent via email to admissions@clsemail.org or mailed. If your forms are mailed, as a courtesy to those who are completing your recommendation forms, please give them a stamped envelope addressed to:

Covenant Life School
Attn: Admissions
7503 Muncaster Mill Rd
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Kindergarten Admission Forms

1st-5th Grade Admissions Forms 

Entrance Age

Human development research indicates that there are universal, predictable sequences of growth in all domains of development — physical, emotional, social and cognitive.  We work hard to ensure that each child entering our school will be able to participate fully in the program and experience success throughout their academic career. Therefore we provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum for our K-2nd Grade students based on these sequences of growth, with the Kindergarten class of children at least five (5) years of age and a 1st Grade class of children at least six (6) years of age before the first day of school.

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