Covenant Life School Office (301) 869-4500 Clsdesk@clsemail.org

Jamie Leach

Titles: Head of School, Secondary Principal

Departments: Administration, Secondary

B.S. Carnegie Mellon University, Economics

M.Ed. Temple University, Education

Email: JLeach@clsemail.org

Phone: 301-264-6569

Jamie Leach has been involved in teaching and administration since 1986, and earned his Masters in Education from Temple University in 1993. Jamie formerly was a teacher and spiritual life leader at Delaware County Christian School outside of Philadelphia, PA for 18 years, served as a youth pastor for 2 years, and has been Head of School at Covenant Life since 2008. He additionally serves as the Secondary Principal.

Bob Schickler

Titles: Assistant Head of School, Elementary Principal

Departments: Administration, Elementary

B.S. Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Natural Sciences and Mathematics

M.Ed. Regent University, Administration and Supervision

Email: BSchickler@clsemail.org

Phone: 301-799-3311

Bob Schickler has been involved in Christian school teaching and administration since 1982, and earned his Masters in Education from Regent University in 1988. Bob came to Covenant Life School in 1985 from leading a small Christian school in Western Pennsylvania, and served as the Head of School until 2001. As Assistant Head, he is the director of operations, finances, and strategic planning, and serves as the Elementary Principal.

Debbie Alexander

Titles: Technology Department Head, Teacher, IT Support

Departments: Technology, Math

B.S. University of Maryland at College Park, Computer Science

Email: DAlexander@clsemail.org

Phone: 301-264-7464

Jen Brewer

Titles: Athletics Director, Teacher

Departments: Athletics, Physical Education

B.A. Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Email: JBrewer@clsemail.org

Phone: 301-264-6550

Susie Burke

Title: Receptionist

Department: Administration

B.S.N. Wright State University

Certificate in Nursing Education, Marymount University

Email: SBurke@clsemail.org

Phone: 301-869-4500

Deanna Korzeniewski

Titles: Admissions and Marketing Director

Departments: Administration, Marketing

B.S. Indiana University, Business Marketing

Email: DKorzeniewski@clsemail.org

Phone: 301-264-6541

Willy Johnson

Titles: Receptionist

Departments: Administration

Email: WJohnson@clsemail.org

Phone: 301-264-6564

Jessica Marcantonio

Titles: Communications & Advancement Director

Departments: Administration, Advancement

B.A. James Madison University

Email: JMarcantonio@clsemail.org

Phone: 301-264-6571

Eileen Risbeck

Title: Receptionist

Departments: Administration

B.A. San Diego State University, Economics

B.S. University of Phoenix, Criminal Justice Admin.

Email: ERisbeck@clsemail.org

Phone: 301-869-4500

Kim Shurie

Titles: Student Advocate

Department: Guidance

B.S. Brenau University, Psychology and Studio Art

Email: KShurie@clsemail.org

Phone: 301-264-6532

Kathy Simpson

Titles: Guidance Counselor, Registrar

Departments: Administration, Guidance

Email: KSimpson@clsemail.org

Phone: 301-264-6573

Laura Stefany

Title: Administrative Assistant

Department: Administration

B.A. Trinity Christian College, Elementary Education

M.Ed. Purdue University

Email: LStefany@clsemail.org

Phone: 301-264-6564

Kelley Weg

Title: Adminstrative Assistant

Department: Administration

B.A. Dordt University

Email: KWeg@clsemail.org

Phone: 301-869-4500

Julie Barnett

Title: Elementary Home Learning Support

Department: Elementary

B.A. Hood College, Early Childhood Education

Email: JBarnett@clsemail.org

Tommy Cleveland

Title: Teacher

Department: Fine Arts

B.F.A. Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Email: TCleveland@clsemail.org

Amy Davidson

Title: Classroom Assistant

Department: Elementary

B.S. University of Maryland, Family Studies

M.Ed. University of Maryland, Elementary Education

Email: ADavidson@clsemail.org

Charlotte Deibel

Title: 2nd Grade Teacher

Department: Elementary

B.A. Gettysburg College, Psychology and French

M.Ed. George Washington University, Elementary Education

Email: CDeibel@clsemail.org

Taylor Ferry

Title: 4th Grade Teacher

Department: Elementary

B.A. University of Maryland, Elementary Education

Email: TFerry@clsemail.org

Cindy Petronic

Title: 1st Grade Teacher

Department: Elementary

B.A. Cal State San Bernadino, Psychology

M.Eq. MCPS, Education

Email: CPetronic@clsemail.org

Sara Rohr

Title: 5th Grade Teacher

Department: Elementary

B.S. University of Wisconsin, Elementary Education, Science

M.S. Michigan State University, Curriculum and Instruction, Reading and Language Arts

Email: SRohr@clsemail.org

Kim Stoy

Title: Kindergarten Teacher

Department: Elementary

B.S. University of Maryland, Early Childhood  Education

Email: KStoy@clsemail.org

Elizabeth (Liz) Porter

Titles: Music Teacher

Departments: Fine Arts, Elementary

B.M. James Madison University, Music Education

Email: EPorter@clsemail.org

Carmelle Leconte

Titles: Classroom Aide, Library, Lunch/Recess Supervisor

Departments: Elementary

B.S. St. John’s University, Psychology

M.A. American School of Professional Psychology

Email: CLeconte@clsemail.org

Danielle Tellier

Titles: Classroom Aide

Departments: Preschool, Elementary

B.S. West Chester University

Email: DTellier@clsemail.org

Pam Whalen

Title: 3rd Grade Teacher

Department: Elementary

B.S. Frostburg University, Early Childhood Education

M.S. Hood College, Curriculum & Instruction, Special Education

Email: PWhalen@clsemail.org

Kathi Amar

Titles: Assistant Secondary Principal, Teacher

Departments: Administration, History

B.S. Messiah College

Email: KAmar@clsemail.org

Phone: 301-245-3406

John Bronson

Titles: History Department Head, Teacher

Department: History

B.S. University of Maryland at College Park, Special Education

M.Eq MCPS, Education

Email: JBronson@clsemail.org

Amy Davidson

Title: Middle School Tutor

Department: Secondary

B.S. University of Maryland, Family Studies

M.Ed. University of Maryland, Elementary Education

Email: ADavidson@clsemail.org

Lorraine Fourney

Title: Teacher

Department: Science

B.S. Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Education

Email: LFourney@clsemail.org

Judy Furnish

Titles: Teacher, Yearbook Advisor

Department: Journalism

B.A. University of North Colorado, History, Elementary Education

Email: JFurnish@clsemail.org

Maricela Garcia

Title: Spanish Teacher

Department: Foreign Language

B.A. University of Texas at El Paso

Email: MGarcia@clsemail.org

Bethanne Garris

Titles: Teacher, Student Government Advisor

Department: History

B.S. Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Social Studies, Secondary Education

Email: BGarris@clsemail.org

John David (JD) Garris

Titles: Teacher

Department: Bible

B.A. St. Mary’s College

Email: JDGarris@clsemail.org

Alex Goodling

Titles: Fine Arts Department Head, Music & Band Teacher, Student Government Advisor

Department: Fine Arts

B.A. Washington Bible College, Music Education, Bible

Email: AGoodling@clsemail.org

Todd Keeler

Titles: Spiritual Life Director, Teacher

Department: Bible

B.S. Lander College, Elementary Education

M.A. University of South Carolina, Natural Sciences

Email: TKeeler@clsemail.org

John Leach

Titles: Assistant Middle School Principal, Teacher

Departments: English, History

B.A. West Chester University, History

Email: JohnLeach@clsemail.org

Kris Marcantonio

Titles: English Department Head, Teacher

Department: English

B.A. University of Maryland, English

M.A. St. Johns College

Email: KMarcantonio@clsemail.org

Janet Palmer

Titles: Teacher

Departments: English, History, Math

B.S. Stephens College, Elementary Education, Dance

M. Ed. University of Missouri

Email: JPalmer@clsemail.org

Evan Peer

Title: Teacher

Departments: Math, Science

B.S. Grove City College, Accounting

Email: EPeer@clsemail.org

Gene Peer

Titles: Math Department Head, Teacher

Departments: Math, Science

B.S. University of Maryland, Secondary Math Education

Email: GPeer@clsemail.org

Kelly Tompkins

Titles: Educational Support Director, Teacher

Departments: Administration, Elementary, Secondary

B.S. Bowie State University, Early Childhood Education, Special Education

Email: KTompkins@clsemail.org

Phone: 301-508-9729 

Terry Wilcox

Title: Upper School Proctor

Department:  Secondary

A.A. in Fine Arts, Homeschool Veteran

Email: TWilcox@clsemail.org

Mary Jo Ellis

Titles: Teacher

Department: Preschool

Email: MJEllis@clsemail.org

Faith Ruei

Title: Assistant

Department: Preschool

Email: FRuei@clsemail.org

Danielle Tellier

Titles: Assistant, Classroom Aide

Departments: Preschool, Elementary

B.A. West Chester University

Email: DTellier@clsemail.org

Caryn Troche

Title: Assistant

Department: Preschool

B.A. Duke University

Email: CTroche@clsemail.org

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