From Bob Buchanan

Dear CLS Family,


I wanted you to hear it from me that I will not be returning to the school next year, and have taken a position to teach Life Science at Forest Oak Middle School.


Just a few weeks ago, I was honored at the Spring Extravaganza for having invested the past 15 years into Covenant Life School.  In my time here, I’ve served in every level of the school and have worked under three different Heads of School.  I’ve been able to help struggling students find their way, helped coach Covenant Life Soccer to some glorious memories, and have labored alongside some of the best teachers you could ask for.  In a very real way, I’ve grown up as a teacher in this school.  I will, for the rest of my days, look back with gladness on the time that I’ve worked here, partnering with so many of you.


I imagine some of you may have questions, so to help with that, I’ve broken down a few different areas of consideration; predicting what I think will be commonly asked:


Why now?

Those who know me best know that I’ve felt a pull, for some time now, to serve in the public school arena.  Just as many of you pray each year for direction in which avenue is best to educate your child(ren), I’ve also annually considered where the Lord might best use me.  Almost casually, I had a conversation with a principal in the county, which led to a more formal interview in late April.  Without boring you with the full timeline, it was a quick process, which confirmed a call that I’ve felt for some time now; a call to take a step away from Covenant Life School and enter a new arena.


Those who know me well know that I march to the beat of my own drum and am not easily influenced by distractions going on within Covenant Life Church. That business had ZERO impact on my desire for a new challenge.


I’d love to write more here; honestly I would.  However, I don’t want my words (or rather my intentions) to be misunderstood.  To that end, I’d ask this favor: please contact me with any specific questions.  I’d be happy to chat over the phone or meet up for coffee.  Similarly, please keep in mind…if you didn’t hear it from me, assume it’s not the whole story and, thus, not true.


Who will be taking over the Resource Program?

Right now, I don’t know.  However, I have promised Mr. Leach and Mr. Schickler that I will be working with them over the summer to make sure that the students receiving educational support will continue to be served well.  This is important to me, and making that specific part of the transition as seamless as possible is a priority for my summer break.  With tears streaming down my face the other night, my wife came over and put her hands in mine and reminded me, “God loves these kids more than you do.”

What involvement will you have with Covenant Life School in the future?

Over the years I’ve helped plan faculty training seminars and in-service meetings in order to come alongside teachers and help them grow.  It is our plan for me to continue serving in this way.  Also, Mr. Schickler and Mr. Leach have been gracious to allow the growing karate program to continue using the CLS wrestling room.


When looking again at the plaque honoring my 15 years of service, I am always thankful for my family.  Amy and the boys have all sacrificed so that I could fulfill God’s calling for this past season.  Moving forward, they will be sacrificing again.  While we will be keeping our oldest son, Caleb, enrolled for his senior year this year, Amy and I will need to pull Deacon and Eidan from the CLS Middle School program.


What now?

I’ll be working over the next month or so to help CLS identify and train the individual who will be taking over the Resource Program.  I’ll also be organizing materials and files for students who have been receiving academic support.  While much of this can be done offsite, I will be working from the Resource Room a couple of days each week.  So, at least until August…not much will change!  Please feel free to make an appointment to swing on by if you have anything that I can help with as you look at the upcoming school year!


Thank you all, for everything.


Much love,

Bob Buchanan


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