Bird's eye view for car pool and parking

The picture below shows the building from overhead, with Muncaster Mill Road at the bottom. 

Morning Drop Off: The Drop Loop is the safest place to drop students off in the morning. Students may also be dropped off in the Kiss & Drop area, parents can park in one of the school parking lots and walk children in to school.

Afternoon Pick Up: Elementary parents form a line with their cars near the gym in Lot 3E, and are released in an orderly fashion to enter the Drop Loop where teachers assist students into the vehicles. Middle and high school parents park in one of the school parking lots, and the students come out to get into the vehicles.

Elementary students that are not picked up by 3:15 will be taking to Aftercare. Parents arriving after 3:15 will need to come in to the main lobby of the church to pick up students, and will pay a $10 fee.