school uniforms

Students at Covenant Life School wear school uniforms during the school day. School uniforms minimize distractions, insure modesty, and promote an atmosphere where things are done "decently and in order" (1 Corinthians 14:40).

Below are PDFs outlining our uniform policy.

Land's End provides the CLS school uniforms, including PE uniforms.
*Our preferred school number is 900114547.

PE Uniforms can be purchased through Land's End as well. If your student already owns a previously purchased PE uniform, these will be acceptable for the school year as well. The new Lands’ End uniform is a grey t-shirt with a logo designed by one of our AP Art students, and black shorts with CLS screen-printed on them.

PE uniform details: CLS PE shirt, black shorts (CLS logo or plain black), and sneakers (shoes that tie and have tread are best). *On cold days students can wear a coat or a solid black or CLS sweatshirt and solid black or CLS sweatpants (no yoga pants please).