3 things to know about #givingtuesday2018

  • 1. our biggest fundraiser!

    It’s the biggest CLS Fundraiser of the Year—entirely online on Tuesday, Nov. 27!  We’re aiming to raise $50,000 in one day. We need 100% participation to reach this goal. Watch the 24-hour progress bar rise all day on our

    Giving Tuesday fundraiser page.

  • 2. power hour challenges!

    We are eligible to win a $1,000 bonus prize for each Power Hour if we hit these goals! So during the below time slots, we challenge our school community to the following goals: 

    • 8-9 AM: Most Donors - we ask everyone to give $10 or more!
    • 5-6 PM: Most $$ Raised - give your larger donations to help us raise more than $15,000 in this hour! 
    • 8-9 PM: Most Number of Donations - give a 2nd or 3rd  gift of $10
    • $50,000 in ONE DAY!  
  • 3. it all benefits our school!

    Through God's grace and your generosity, Covenant Life School will continue to grow and thrive, and fulfill our mission to educate students who think biblically and live passionately for Christ.