Covenant Life has a strong tradition of excellence as a competitive college preparatory program with high academic and personal character standards. We provide opportunity for students to take initiative and responsibility for their own learning, and help them develop study habits, life disciplines and a spiritual vibrancy that serves them in college and beyond. We partner with parents to help students understand the culture and to develop a biblical worldview and pursue spiritual goals. Students can take honors classes, advanced placement (AP) courses, seminars, a variety of elective courses and special interest classes during J-term.

Our curriculum and program trains students to take initiative and responsibility for their own learning, and helps them develop study habits and life disciplines that serve them in college and beyond.  Although we are a small school, and we challenge our top students with honors and advanced placement (AP) courses, we seek to provide a broad spectrum of courses that meet our students’ needs, interests and abilities and allow them to shape their studies toward future goals.

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Every experience at CLS has a natural and intentional spiritual essence. In weekly chapels, we guide and challenge students to grow in character and in their relationship with the Lord.  Mission trips and service opportunities develop awareness and compassion for those in need. The Bible curriculum of full credit courses has academic rigor, which trains students how to learn from God’s Word and apply it to their lives.

Students enjoy and benefit from the winter retreat with times of worship, prayer, teaching, fellowship and fun activities.

Students are encouraged to ask the hard questions, and they learn to accept, encourage and challenge their peers.  At CLS, the teaching and guidance align with and reinforce a Christian family’s values and beliefs. Godly teachers model how to live life as mature followers of Christ, and we seek to nurture the desire to live passionately for the Lord.

J-Term is intended to stir academic passion for learning, train servant hearts, and build vision for careers and vocation. J-Term is scheduled for the first three weeks of January, and offers a brief break from the regular class schedule for unique classes, hands-on experiences, mission trips, work internships and the two-day high school retreat. Students enjoy short, focused classes such as First Aid, Home Repair, Interior Design, Logic, Mechanical Drafting, Photography, and The Art and Science of Cooking.

High school students work with our college guidance counselor on a regular basis using the Naviance guidance program as a valuable tool. Students explore their individual interests and talents and are individually guided in their freshman year to help them create a strategic plan for academic courses, leadership opportunities, and extracurricular activities. The guidance process becomes more focused during the junior year as students begin to consider colleges and the application process. By the time students enter the senior year, they are well prepared to apply to the college, university or vocation that is right for them, and to apply for scholarships.

Students who are identified as those who would benefit from specialized interaction are scheduled to meet regularly with our resource room staff. During this weekly meeting our resource room staff offers support with executive functioning, building organization skills, or works specifically in math, reading, or comprehension. The insight gained from these meetings is communicated to the student’s teachers in order to more effectively reach them with instruction. The resource room helps students with organization, student review, planning, modification instructional material and assessments as needed. Additionally, we partner with outside contractors to provide specialized services.

A well-rounded education includes the opportunity to discover, explore and develop creative abilities through art and music classes. Learning about master artists and composers enhances the students’ appreciation and provides inspiration for developing their own talents. We want our graduates to appropriately value the arts, and hope to help students discover, develop, steward and use their artistic gifts to the glory of God.

Full credit and elective courses are available for high school students to refine skills in drawing, painting, design and sculpture. Advanced students enjoy the atmosphere in the AP Art Studio, and the annual trip to New York City.

Students have opportunity to participate in the Acapella Choir, High School Choir, Jazz Band, Sinfonietta Strings, and the Symphonic Band.

Students enjoy the opportunity to display artwork and perform for family and friends at the Christmas and Spring Concerts. Additionally the choirs and bands have the opportunity to participate in a multi-day regional competition in the spring.

Athletics play an important role in the Covenant Life School experience for everyone in our school community, helping to build school identity and unity. High school students are encouraged to join one of our athletic teams. Varsity is the most organized and intense level of competition at CLS.

High school sports teams: baseball, basketball, cross country, soccer, volleyball, and wrestling.

Learn more about CLS athletics here

Students participate in wide range of extracurricular activities including:

  • Art and choir and competitions
  • Athletics
  • Bible studies
  • CyberPatriot
  • Internships
  • Leadership development programs
  • Missions trips
  • National Honor Society
  • Retreats
  • School newspaper
  • Service projects
  • Spirit weeks
  • Student government (SGA)
  • Yearbook

The Vocation Experience & Training (VET) Program introduces high school students to a variety of potential vocational fields during their high school career.

Annual student internships give students the opportunity to explore specific careers more deeply as they shadow at a workplace for a week, typically during J-Term.

Career Day brings together a diverse group of professionals to provide an introduction to the basic skills and educational requirements for careers in their fields, and helps students connect with potential internship opportunities.

The distinctive value of a Covenant Life education comes into sharp focus during the senior year. The Christ and Culture Institute is a capstone experience that prepares seniors to wisely and practically engage with the culture as Christians. It includes a three-day trip to New York City to visit The Kings College, inner city ministries like the Bowery Mission, and to study cultural artifacts, including a Broadway play. The institute also includes a visit to the International Justice Mission headquarters, and roundtable session with students from other schools in the area, and special seminar speakers.

The culminating project with the Christ and Culture Institute is the Senior Thesis.  Students consider feedback from family, friends and teachers to evaluate their personal strengths and weaknesses and to set spiritual and academic goals for the next season of their lives, and give an oral presentation to a panel of teachers and their parents for questions and input.

Be sure to select the proper forms based on the application you are submitting. Forms can be sent via email to admissions@clsemail.org or mailed. If your forms are mailed, as a courtesy to those who are completing your recommendation forms, please give them a stamped envelope addressed to:

Covenant Life School
Attn: Admissions
7503 Muncaster Mill Rd
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