Parents want to know that their children are safe at school. Locked doors, video surveillance and security personnel protect the entrance to the school. All vendors, contractors and visitors to Covenant Life School are required to scan their government issued ID into the Raptor Visitor Management System to be issued a visitor badge. The Raptor system searches the sex offender directories of all 50 states and our custom database of individuals with custody orders or who are prohibited from visiting school grounds.

Regular emergency drills prepare teachers and students how to respond appropriately to potential dangers such as building evacuation (fire drills), tornado warning procedures and lock downs.

Parents and friends of the school raised money to supplement funds provided by Covenant Life Church for the following school safety features:

  • Video surveillance system
  • Walkie radios for all teachers
  • Wire reinforced glass on classroom doors
  • Emergency door lock systems
  • Quick-coverings for classroom windows

Emergency response procedures are checked annually by the fire marshal and county health department. The faculty and staff has been trained by the Montgomery County Police on emergency lock down procedures and responding to an on-site shooter. The faculty and staff have also been trained by Child Protective Services on recognizing signs of child abuse/neglect and reporting procedures.


Each school day at 3:05 is a general dismissal. Elementary students are escorted to their car pools by trained staff. Middle and high school students are the responsibility of parents to be picked up promptly at the close of school unless prior arrangements have been made or students are remaining for an authorized student activity. Parents should contact the school office if they will be late to pick up students.

In order to maintain the highest level of safety, please note the following:

  • Students are not to be found throughout the building after school hours.
  • Student athletes who are waiting for a late game or practice should report to the school library.
  • Exterior and corridor doors are locked during the school day, and should not be propped for any reason.
  • All visitors to the school must stop at the main school office or lobby security station to sign in and receive a visitors badge.
  • School faculty and staff wear identification badges during the school day.

Covenant Life School faculty and staff are regularly trained by members of the Child Protection Service of Montgomery County regarding recognition of and reporting responsibilities and procedures for suspected child neglect and abuse. Covenant Life School employees comply with mandatory Maryland and Montgomery County reporting laws, and CLS maintains the right to follow the Maryland State Board of Education Guidelines and COMAR directives regarding the handling of suspected child abuse.