Middle School is a pivotal time in a child’s life. It is when children start to become independent and truly start analyzing the world around them. At Covenant Life School we see these years as an exciting opportunity to speak truth, love and grace to our middle school students. From a spiritual aspect we help them start to dig into their faith and grow in a personal relationship with God and in godly character. Academically we seek to awaken and set in action the minds of our students throughout the school day with lots of hands-on work and projects, debates and dramatic performances, writing and discussion, as well as field trips, guest speakers, presentations, and games.  We employ various teaching methods in class that engage students and integrate different subjects wherever possible.  Overall we work hard at providing a safe and Christ-centered environment so that students can have a positive middle school experience.

Themes give a focus for fruitful discussion in chapels, on retreats, in the classrooms and with individual students.

  • 6th Grade – Transformed (Romans 12:2)
  • 7th Grade – Discernment (Psalm 19:14)
  • 8th Grade – Leadership (Mathew 22:37)

Middle school students explore foundational knowledge as well as the big picture of each subject area to prepare them for more in-depth study later in high school. We help students develop study skills, logical thinking, and a love for learning that are necessary for a life of learning. We seek to help students grow in a personal relationship with God and in godly character.

See our complete Middle School Course Catalog.

Weekly chapels guide students to grow in character qualities such as integrity and humility, to pursue a relationship with God, and participate in discussion groups. Spiritual themes give focus to the teaching and discussion at the fall and winter retreats.

Students learn that being a Christian is not merely a profession of faith but involves denying themselves, being accountable for their choices, taking up their crosses, and daily following Jesus (Luke 9:23-25).  We help students to see themselves as sinners in need of a Savior (Romans 3:10-12), realize that they can never earn God’s acceptance by living morally (Romans 3:20), respond to God’s love for them in the gospel (Romans 5:8), and grow in a personal relationship with God.

J-Term is an exciting time at the beginning of January that offers a brief break from the regular class schedule for unique classes, hands-on experiences, field trips and the two-day winter retreat. Students enjoy three-day classes such as Marine Exploration, Photoshop and Digital Art, Photography, Mysteries in History, and Famous Sports Heroes, and participate on three all day field trips and finish with a winter retreat.

A well-rounded education includes the opportunity to discover, explore and develop creative abilities through art and music classes. Learning about master artists and composers enhances the students’ appreciation and provides inspiration for developing their own talents.

In Art class, students learn and practice skills in drawing, painting, design and sculpture. We teach related skills of observation, evaluation, synthesis, analytical thinking and problem solving; our students actively participate in learning as they discuss artists, imitate masterpieces, and make their own artwork.  

Students in 6th and 7th grades participate either in the Strings Ensemble, the Middle School Choir, or Concert Band, and 8th graders have the option to continue in those music classes.

Students enjoy the opportunity to display artwork and perform for family and friends at the Christmas and Spring Concerts. Additionally the choir and band have the opportunity to participate in a regional competition in the spring.

Middle school students are encouraged to join one of our athletic teams. Athletics in middle school focuses on developing fundamental athletic skills and strategies, exploring strengths and weaknesses, gaining experience and confidence in team sports, and having fun! Middle school athletics emphasizes both participation and competition.

Middle school sports teams:baseball, basketball, cross country, soccer, volleyball and wrestling. 

Learn more about CLS athletics here.

Students participate in a range of extracurricular activities including:

  • Athletics
  • Band & Choir competitions
  • Chess Class with our partners, Your Best Chess
  • CyberPatriot 
  • Karate Class with our partners, The Forge Dojo
  • Retreats
  • Spirit weeks
  • Service projects
  • Student government (SGA)

Middle school students begin using the Naviance guidance program and meeting with our college guidance counselor. This allows students to begin discussing and exploring their interests as they look toward their high school course selections.

Students who are identified as those who would benefit from specialized interaction are scheduled to meet regularly with our resource room staff. During this weekly meeting our resource room staff offers support with executive functioning, building organization skills, or works specifically in math, reading, or comprehension. The insight gained from these meetings is communicated to the student’s teachers in order to more effectively reach them with instruction. The resource room helps students with organization, student review, planning, modification instructional material and assessments as needed. Additionally, we partner with outside contractors to provide specialized services.

Be sure to select the proper forms based on the application you are submitting. Forms can be sent via email to admissions@clsemail.org or mailed. If your forms are mailed, as a courtesy to those who are completing your recommendation forms, please give them a stamped envelope addressed to:

Covenant Life School
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Middle and High School Admission Forms

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