Parents are a critical part of the team at Covenant Life School. Your practical
involvement may only take a few minutes or hours, but smart involvement at the
right time can make all the difference. We want every parent to feel empowered to
have influence and improve CLS. After all, it is the students and families that benefit the most! We have identified several PIT CREWS that will focus on different aspects of the school. WHAT’S YOUR CREW?

    Check all that apply Mentoring, training or counseling young people.Science, technology. math or engineeringLeadershipCounseling or advising parentsBible study and sharing spiritual messagesTaking notes, writingAdministration, organization and planningReaching out and making friendsHelping in the communityPrayerCreativity and innovationHospitalityMaking and sharing foodEditorGraphic artsLanguage translationEducationFacility safety, emergency response, health safetyPolicies and proceduresStrategic planning

    Check all that applyCultural AwarenessSpiritual LifeCommunity EngagementSTEM at CLSVocation: Career Day, Professional Workshops, InternshipsSchool SafetyAthletics Boosters

    Check all that applyBeing a Point of Contact for a CrewLeading, helping to lead a Crew!Serve the Crew as a host and maybe even bring some refreshments!Take and share notes about what the Crew is doingShow up, keep in touch, and share my ideasHelp with organizing and planning the Crew's activities and initiativesAdvise and assist the Crew leaderNot sure right now. I would like to know more.

    We consider all of your contact information as confidential and will not share it.

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