We believe the first five years are of critical importance in laying a strong educational and spiritual foundation in a child’s life. During these years, a child’s physical, emotional and cognitive skills develop at a pace that is unparalleled at any other time of life. The program at Covenant Life School is committed to enhancing early childhood development and to begin laying a strong spiritual foundation in every child’s heart.

Preschool students are introduced to the structure and fun of an educational environment, nurturing the joy of inquiry. Our goal is to make learning “fun” through different games, puppets, and each week having show and tell. We will focus in on phonics (the sounds of the letters), shapes, numbers (simple math concepts), and much more. Our program also includes lots of music, finger plays, and playing in general!

See our complete Preschool Course Catalog.

Our other main goal is to give children a love and desire for God. We do this by teaching the word of God through Bible stories, using felts, drama and the memorization of verses.  Additionally, we study character qualities from the Bible and cover one fruit of the spirit each month.

We love to let children see their learning in action! We do this by taking field trips to places such as the Nature Center, Gymnastics, a farm and pumpkin patch, and other educational locations.

4-Year Old Class: Monday, Wednesday and Friday: (3 days/week) 

  • Class: 8:15 AM-2:50 PM

4-Year Old Class: Monday – Friday: (5 days/week) 

  • Class: 8:15 AM-2:50 PM 
  • Once a week specials include art, music, and PE

3-Year Old Class: Tuesday, Thursday: (2 days/week) 

  • Class: 8:15 AM – 2:50 PM

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$30 non-refundable application fee is required in order to submit the application and enter the candidate pool. Immediately thereafter, you will be asked to print out and complete several additional registration forms and send in a $100 Registration Fee.

Age Policies: Children must be of class age by August 31st and be toilet trained to be eligible for enrollment. We cannot make exceptions.


MON / WED / FRI 4-YR OLD CLASS (3 days) 8:15 AM-2:50 PM $5,100
MON - FRI 4-YR OLD CLASS (5 days) 8:15 AM-2:50 PM $8,500
TUE / THUR 3-YR OLD CLASS (2 days) 8:15 AM-2:50 PM $3,500
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