Our goal is to offer an excellent Christian school education at a tuition rate within the reach of most families who want this for their children.

So why should you contribute to CLS, even if your family is paying tuition, or has paid tuition for alumni in the past?  Tuition alone does not cover the costs necessary to educate a child. To remain accessible to more families, we keep tuition lower than the actual cost of a student’s education, and we rely on the generosity of school families and community members to cover the gap with extra funding.  Without donated support every year, it would be impossible for the school to continue making the improvements and changes that continue to take us to the next level.

Please consider how you can help our cause: to keep Christian education affordable and accessible to more families in this region.  Scroll down to learn about the many ways you can support CLS throughout the year.

“When we made the decision for our sons to attend CLS, I thought that our tuition covered the cost, and I was surprised to learn that we would be requested to participate in various fund-raising activities. Now that I understand the school finances, especially in comparison to other nearby private schools, I see the need for fund raising in addition to tuition. My family also understands the vision and mission of Covenant Life School and we are eager to help advance that mission and vision.” CLS Parent

Statement of Purpose

“We believe in the value of Christian education. Therefore, we will stand as a cornerstone in support of Covenant Life School, ensuring a strong future for the coming generations.”

What is the Cornerstone Society?

The Cornerstone Society is a special group of people who have made leadership gifts – often multi-year pledges – to support the future of Covenant Life School. By establishing a multi-year giving society, the school assures a steady income flow for future planning.  

The Benefits of Membership

Cornerstone Society members are given opportunities to build community with one another through special events and meetings with school leadership. Members are also encouraged to invite friends to join.  

To obtain a brochure with complete details, please stop by the front office, or email Jessica Marcantonio. Thank you for your enthusiasm for and commitment to Covenant Life School. 

Statement of Purpose

“The Corporate Champions Club supports the strong academics and leadership development efforts that are the hallmarks of Covenant Life School.”

What is the Corporate Champions Club?

The Corporate Champions Club is a group of local businesses who give a charitable sponsorship or who donate annual services to CLS worth $500 or more each year.  These companies are gratefully recognized on our school website, in the lobby, and in e-newsletters to our community. Companies who contribute more than $1500 a year are considered Premier Members, and are recognized most prominently.  

Click HERE to make a one-time donation, OR to set up a recurring monthly donation and become a Corporate Champion. Once we receive your gift, we’ll contact you to confirm your membership.  

If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Advancement, Jessica Marcantonio

Do you share a vision for the kind of impact a Christ-centered education has on young people?

For as little as $10 a month you can provide an invaluable resource, a regular, stable source of revenue.

When you Become a Vision Partner, your monthly giving helps to offset the cost of education beyond tuition so that CLS can continue to reach more families and impact more young lives.

Many parents don’t realize there are ways to support CLS without it costing them any money. This means that there is a feasible way for every family to help support Covenant Life School!


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