Each year Covenant Life School awards need-based Tuition Assistance to approximately 35% of the students in grades K-12. 

When compared with other K-12 Christian and private schools, Covenant Life School stands out as an exceptional value for school safety, quality academics, spiritual and community life, leadership development, college and career preparation, personal care and extracurricular opportunities. Parents recognize that it takes sacrifice to pay tuition, just as teachers willingly sacrifice wages to serve in a Christian school so that we can serve the next generation. However, we believe that the opportunity to attend CLS should not be limited to families that are able to pay a full tuition.

Need-based aid is defined as the difference between what it costs to attend CLS and a family’s ability to pay. While we attempt to fill most of the need, no child receives more than 50% in tuition assistance.

FAQ’s on Tuition Assistance

Apply for K-12 Tuition Assistance

2019-2020 TUITION

K-12 TUITION: Members of Covenant Life Church receive approximately a 6% discount.

Kindergarten    $9,360        ($9,000 CLC Members)
Grades 1-5        $10,610       ($9,900 CLC Members)
Grades 6-8       $12,100        ($11,320 CLC Members)
Grades 9-12      $13,270       ($12,450 CLC Members)
International    $18,500

4-Year Old Classes (MWF), AM or PM – $2,100   
4-Year Old Enrichment Class (MWF) – $1,400 
3’s Morning Class (T/Th) – $1,500

3 & 4’s Afternoon Class (T/Th) – $1,500         
3 & 4’s Enrichment Class – $1,000

NOTE: Tuition assistance is not available for Preschool.

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