Partnering with Parents: Know Your Teen’s World

Partnering with Parents: Know Your Teen’s World

CLS parents, we want you equipped for conversation with your student. Kim Shurie, our Student Advocate, emails Axis’s Culture Translator and accompanying Parent Guides in a weekly email. We hope these tools help “demystify teen culture”, with help from one of our partners AXIS.  Please continue to use these as tools to engage in meaningful conversations with your children. Axis provides Guides on topics such as Teen Slang, Social Media, Gaming, Christian Living, Sexuality, Parenting, Theology, Mental Health, Music, TV, Movies, Life Skills, and more. CLS parents have access to all Parent Guides for FREE! Simply ask Kim Shurie to email it to you. A complete list of topics is available on the Axis website.

> A glimpse into what’s influencing teens right now.
> Insightful perspective on the relevant topics in your teen’s world.
> A weekly nudge to start conversations about the underlying issues.

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